TSD's National Champion Parent's Show Group Team

Now taking applications for the 2018 Team.  Join today!


TSD's Parent's Show Group Team, simply put, goes all out -- with dances spanning from the some of the wonderful to the wonderfully whack -- and continues to trounce the competition and regional and national events and walk away with the bling. 

Our Parent's Show Group is the perfect outlet for Dance Parents who are motivated by the successes of their young dancers and enjoy a big dose of companionship mixed with great exercise and off the wall fun.

It's not all fun and games for members of the TSD Parent's Show Group Team -- dancers are treated to some serious choriography with a reputation for being ambitious and calls for physically vigorous activity.  All levels of dancers, even those who have no dance ability, will find a comfortable place on the team -- there's a place for everyone and enough fun for anybody. 

Here's what our adult dancers can expect when they jump on board TSD's adult boogie train!

  • Bond with other dance parents

  • Have fun and exercise

  • Enjoy being national champions

  • Show their kids they aren't the only ones who can dance!

It's hard to describe, exactly, the routines that our adult dancers master from season to season, their creativity and fun loving wimsey are full of fast moves and occasional double entendre are in a class of their own.   -Instead of words, please take a look at the videos of previous presentations offered on this page.

Have a question about TSD's Adult Show Group Team?  Use the following form and send a quick note to the staff.

2018-19 Parent's Show Group Registration Info

Applications are now being accepted for the 2018-19 TSD Parent's Show Group season.  We'd love to have you as part of the team --TSD adult dancers typically meet and practice once a week, usually on a Friday evening, and give it their best go for a solid two hours. Afterwards, however, it has been rumored that pizzas and select refreshments have made their way to the end of the practice in reward for practice that's was "da bomb" and the welcomed start to a deserved weekend.

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