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Hi and welcome to TSD's information page, designed to help keep our Dance Moms and Dance Dads informed along their dancer's journey to exciting and creative times ahead. As partners with our student's parents, we promise to our TSD parents that we will do everything we can to keep the most pertinent information readily available throughout this site. For new parents and their dancers, please follow through on the links below indicated for Dance Dads and Dance Moms -- there, you'll find lots information on how you might become part of a merry group known as the Band of Brothers or the Dance Moms, a force to be respected and addressed with the only phrase they understand; "Yes, Dear -- you're right, we'll do it your way." We think they are a syndicate. Anyway, in an unofficial and totally biased survey taken recently, nine out of ten TSD parents agree that TSD Studios are awesome -- and when Will wakes up, we'll let you know that he agrees, too.

It's easy becoming a dance parent. We're confident our parents are familiar with the first couple of steps -- after that, it's a cake walk to the TSD Studios to register the little angel under our spell for a fabulous dance odyssey. OK, that might be an overstatement -- or an understatement however you look at it -- but, of most critical importance is that all of TSD's kids love being part of the fun, the challenge and the shared memories. 

We've conveniently provided several links that we believe will be helpful to all TSD parents -- and please remember to explore TSD's entire website for additional information you or your dancer might use. 

Have a question about TSD and how together we can help your dancer achieve great things and make wonderful memories?  Use the following to reach out to us today!

Terry's School of Dance & Gymnastics


Email: terrysdanceandgym703@gmail.com