Danielle Harris,

Dance Choreographer and Instructor

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Danny is truly one of TSD's brightest

shining stars who masters both our practice studios and

competition stages with energy and charm. Danny started her dance career in 2007 with Agency 9 under the instructors, C.J. Hitchcock and Kelley Owens, giving her a “leg up” on the competition at an early age.


Danny gives it her all the minute she lands on the stage – first noticed by Snoop Dog, she danced for him through his mastery and trend-setting style. Kokayi, the Grammy-nominated singer/songwriter and one of the most versatile innovators of his generation of interdisciplinary artist

welcomed Danny to his productions, and together they forged new and different creative arts presentations. 


As an artist for Hip Hop sensations, TheFix made Danny part of their chorography – depending on her style of energy and dexterity to enliven the energy of their popular creativity.  Danny’s first choreographic debut was with the Capitol Movement Pre-Professional Dance Concert – then moving such renowned places as The Kennedy Center, The Shakespeare Theater and the lively Fillmore Arts Center. 


Danny always brings her charm to the studio and her energy, commitment to her own style and her positive personality bestows lasting impressions on her students.


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