What is Hip Hop? This class is high-energy and fun for both guys and girls who want to learn some “Old School” style influenced by some of today’s hottest choreographers. Classes include conditioning and warm-up, simplified break down of each dance step, skill combinations and choreography. Movements and music are age-appropriate. Beginner through advanced levels are available.

Beginner Hip Hop – Ages 6+, Students will learn to understand and apply knowledge of hip-hop fundamentals. We start the class by focusing on the foundations and origins of hip-hop in America, and end with current styles and movements from around the world (bboy, grooves, footwork, krump, crews, house, vogue, LA-style choreography, popping, etc). Emphasis on rhythm and proper technique all while maintaining a fun and high energy class.

Intermediate Hip Hop – Concentration on learning through movement and choreography and grooves. Students will learn to keep themselves in shape through core workouts and conditioning exercises. Choreography will be designed to improve flexibility, rhythm and extension while maintaining proper technique and timing.

Advanced Hip Hop – Advanced, Class is designed for the high energy, intense, and seasoned dancer. Syllabus for this level includes choreography and dance moves from the industry’s biggest performers and coaches! Building cardio, strength, killer ab workouts and an overall amazing time to grow as a dancer or as an athlete.


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