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Abby Lee's Dance Moms can't hold a candle to our Moms!

Hug Maker: Dance kids flock
to them for intermittent,
spontaneous hugs. 
Are you a Dance Mom and are interested in volunteering and helping the season be as memorable as possible?  Please feel free to use the form below and send us a quick note and a member of the TSD team will get right back with you. For those who would like to become a Dance Mom, please visit TSD's Dance Dad page.

Despite everything you've seen about Dance Moms, they actually are a delightfully rare and highly desired pedigreed species -- needed for their natural Mom abilities -- often sought after by Dance Dads near and far.  In the heat of the battle, they are calm, collected, well prepared and ready to lend a hand to anyone on their tribe and even that of others. Not to mention, they have really nice caboodles!

TSD Dance Moms are truly committed to their dancers' successes -- and are an integral part of our operation, ensuring that nothing falls between the cracks, that every rhinestone has been applied to every costume and their dancers' schedules are executed with military-like precision. That's the fun part of being a TSD Dance Mom and the reward is helping their dancer achieve great things.  For those who are not Dance Moms but would like to volunteer -- our TSD Dance Mom-in-Training program will introduce you to the wonderful world of all things Dance Moms do!

TSD Dance Moms often volunteer and take on a bit more heavy lifting around the studio.  Here are some examples of how our Moms help out around the studio throughout a given season:

What's best about being a TSD Dance Mom is that the time commitment is completely flexible.  As a proud mother of an awesome dancer -- it's up to you -- whatever extra help you could lend is truly appreciated by all -- and will go a long way towards helping the season be a success.

And, don't forget to check out TSD Dance Mom's caboodles -- you'll be very impressed!

  • Front office administrative support

  • Costume organization and distribution

  • Light maintainace work around studio

  • Assist Teachers with classes

  • Provide snacks to kids

  • Designing, building and painting props

  • Coordination of Show Group activities

  • Arrange Master Classes participation

  • Coordination of TSD Annual Recital

  • Keeping the Dance Dads busy 

How to Identify a
TSD Dance Mom
Beautiful Smile: Always friendly until she gets hangry.
Arthritic Fingers: Caused by years of gluing a zillion rhinestones to costumes.  
Calloused Knees: From years of kneeling down to help little dancers.
Comfy Shoes: Needed for running their dancer around and kicking Dance Dads in the butt when they get obnoxious.

Terry's School of Dance & Gymnastics


Email: terrysdanceandgym703@gmail.com