What is Contemporary? Using music to translate emotion into movement, contemporary is very fluid and utilizes aspects of ballet and jazz dance. Dancers are challenged to find meaning behind the music and connect that to the choreography. Dancers are taught to use smooth transitions between movements and incorporate breath into their dance. Classes include character development through discussion and examples in both dance and student experience. Contemporary is suggested for ages 7 and up who have previous ballet experience, as it focuses on emotional strength and older emotional themes. Students are asked to draw upon their own experience to relate to the music and choreography and use the encounter to grow as a dancer and as a person. Intermediate through Advanced levels are available. Students must have a strong background in ballet to advance into contemporary training.

Beginning Contemporary – Ages 7+ Beginner, must have 2 years ballet experience,. This fun and informative class is for students who hold a basic understanding in ballet and would like to develop their skills; building confidence, improving technique and increasing dance vocabulary. Students are taught how to relay story and emotion into their dancing. These classes are NOT for complete beginners.

Intermediate Contemporary – Ages 10+ Beginner/Intermediate, must have 1+ years contemporary exp. And 2 years ballet exp. This class is designed to expand a student’s knowledge and performance skills. You will work further on technique and learning the dynamics of movement phrasing. These classes are also suitable for older students with experience who are returning to dance.

Advanced Contemporary – Ages 15+ Advanced, must have 2+ years contemporary experience and 3+ years ballet exp., as well as Director approval. Fast paced, challenging classes for advanced students competent in contemporary or ballet. Emphasis is on building movement sequences, stretching and versatility.

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