It's more than just dreams -- it's when your dancer has a

gut feeling they can do great things with their talent.

For over 40 years, we agree.

TSD's Pre-Professional Training: Turning dreams into reality.

TSD grads work with artists like JLo, Beyonce and Rihanna.

TSD's Pre-Professional Training identifies and helps prepare dedicated and passionate dancers ages 12-18 for a career in the Dance Arts. TSD Pre-Pros participate in a rigorous training and performances to learn necessary skills that prepare them for entry into a university dance program and/or professional dance company. Classes are designed to train the rising dancer in areas of technique, artistic development, production, wellness/nutrition and arts management.

Additionally, TSD's Pre-Pros attend specialty workshops, where industry professionals offer guidance in audition preparation, advanced choreography, genre-specific training among others. TSD Pre-Pro grads have gone on to entered some of the most prestigious dance programs, production troupes and film and television across the nation, including Victorious, the Academy Awards and Circque du Soleil and and have worked with such artists as Jennifer Lopez,Beyonce and Rihanna.

We recognize at TSD that committing to advanced level of instruction requires a lot of time and energy -- it's our number one priority to make sure your dancer's responsibilities in and outside of the studio are being well managed. After all, kids do need time just to be kids! 

Getting Great Grades Are A Big Part of Our Dancer's Future Success


For instance, in order to maintain good standing as a TSD Pre-Pro student, they must adhere to all studio requirements, including consistent attendance, demonstrable technical/artistic growth and at least a ‘B’ average in their academic studies (K-12 students). Our instructors keep a close relationship with the student's parents or guardians to monitor a positive children's "work-life" balance and routinely make adjustments as warranted.

Auditions for TSD Pre-Professional Training

TSD Students gain entry into the Pre-Professional Training by audition or invitation from the Studio Director or from a TSD instructor. Since may of our students "grow-up" at TSD -- they are often invited to the training  without an audition only after demonstrating their abilities and dedication through the completion of a specialty programs, such as  Summer Intensives or Master Classes. 

Auditions are by appointment; please contact us at (703) 780-7878 or to schedule your audition

  • All students wishing to be considered as a TSD Pre-Pro, must exhibit the ability to clearly articulate their goals and reasons for applying to the Program

  • TSD students should wear required and/or appropriate dance attire and come prepared to learn a short piece of choreography (modern or ballet); students need not prepare anything in advance

  • TSD places heavy weight on the student's demonstration of passion, confidence and potential for technical/artistic development

Care to inquire about TSD's Pre-Pro Training? Use the form below and give us a quick shout-out and we'll get right back with you:

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