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At TSD, we love our homeschooling families and truly enjoy crafting individualized program instruction designed to meet personal or scholastic and physicial fitness goals. Decades worth of TSD's homeschooling families are proof in the pudding that Alexandria depends on us as a partner, friend and colleague. Because of our very large and well equipped gym, our gymnastics instruction is the big hit with Homeschoolers -- it's the perfect place to learn some skills in a safe environment while bouncing off the walls, floors and occasionally eachother!

TSD offers the following physical fitness experiences for our Homeschoolers. The following are classes that are perfect for our Homeschoolers -- what's great is that some are available during the day and others in the evenings and weekends, making for the perfect fit for your family's busy schedule.

TSD's homeschooling families keep up a hectic schedule and we're right there with them every step of the way. Homeschooling criculiums require specific teaching requirements and that's why TSD works directly with instructors, often a family member, to determine the perfect learning environment. That puts your child first every step of the way -- ensuring each learning opportunity can be maximized -- and, fun!

Here's something cool; we bring homeschoolers together for great socialization opportunities and to create action-packed classes that are competitive, creative and cost-effective. In fact, many of our homeschoolers share the same Cover or Umbrella School and TSD's familarity with those schools, their neighborhoods and their families is a big plus for both students and parents.

Homeschoolers are often connected by the same Cover or Umbrella School - by virture of having served the area for decades, TSD has great relationships with schools throughout the area and can help figure the best ways to achieve the required physical fitness requirements.

TSD subscribes to the Natural Learning Systems – the five natural learning systems which were developed by Barbara Givens which include the emotional, social, cognitive, physical and reflective learning systems. We love providing the social and physical aspects to the total learning process -- and, that's what makes TSD the perfect partner for your child's educational goals.

TSD's Homeschool Education Information & Resources:

A comprehensive guide to Virginia's homeschooling information. (We use this as a great quick guide for all things homeschool.)

A really great list of homeschooler conventions. (We frequent this page to keep up on the latest trends cutting-edge instructors, Charlotte Mason Institute updates and more.

Yahoo's local homeschool support group. (From time-to-time, our homeschooling families have referenced this resource.

Fort Belvoir Homeschool Group's for military families. A great resource for military and DoD families. We've been told that civilian Homeschool parents looking to discover best practices and local resources find this site helpful.

BBC Bitesize Learning Tools. This resource has been recommended by some of our Homeschooling families and we thought you'd be interested, too.

American Heritage Homeschool Information. American Heritage Education's patriotism-based education is a growing resource and we hope you find this information helpful.

Virginia Mom's Homeschooler Page:  A very informative site for families of the Commonwealth who homeschool and are looking for great resources. 

Gymnastic Opportunities (for all skill levels)

Tumbing Classes

Swing and Bounce Skills

Back Handspring Skills

Tucks and Walkover Instruction

Flipping and Aerials

Parallel Bars

Dance Opportunities (for all skill levels)

Ballet Classes

Jazz Classes

Hip Hop Classes

Contemporary Classes

Show Group Opportunities

Pointe Classes

Contact a member of the TSD staff to discuss TSD's homeschool activities and how your student can have fun!

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