Ms. Terry Peyton,



Generations of families have relied on

TSD's "Right Fit" Philosophy:

"We are committed to doing our very best to provide our students with their growing needs and ambitions. Any time this is not so, just let us know and we'll do our very best to make it so or we'll help you find the right studio fit for your family."

Consider TSD Your      Family Partner

       Let us help you realize your       child's fullest potential. 

Terry’s School of Dance and Gymnastics proudly presents our “Right Fit Philosophy" to fully accommodate each of our students' needs. We're one of the best studios in our area because of our award-winning routines, awesome kids and fabulous fun. We want to help our kids have access to all the resources that are available in our nation's Capital area.

We at TSD promise just one thing -- we will do our very best to provide challenging, well-rounded creative dance arts instruction, under the guidance of exceptionally accomplished instructors, designed to grow the physical, mental and social abilities of your child in a positive, family-friendly environment. 

Having served the Alexandria community for over four decades, we know just how many factors must be considered before a family can decide on the right studio fit.  We also know that a big part of that decision making processes is intuition. That's why we at TSD encourage our prospective students and their families to visit as many of the area's dance studios as possible when searching for the right fit. We know they'll return to TSD's family-friendly environment and our challenging, competitive-minded excellence that is in the very DNA of our studio. For generations, families choose TSD because they have a "gut feeling" they've made the right choice.

Just one more thing: TSD appreciates that the process of learning must be adaptable to the changing needs of your child's interests. TSD is committed to doing its very best to accommodate those changes -- and should we not offer or have what's needed --- we'll work with you to find the "right fit" studio experience. At TSD, we recognize that the learning process might require diversity in curriculums, environments and even social circles -- when it does, we'll be right there with your student to support them in every way possible.  We find that parents frequently return for some trusted advice while our students continue to love our caring environment -- often returning to continue their instruction or to get a healthy dose of TSD love!

Have a question about "TSD's "Right Fit" Philosophy or have a question about the TSD Studios or other studios in the area?  Just let us know ... reach out today! 

Terry's School of Dance & Gymnastics