TSD's Teen Advanced Level Instruction


Specifically designed to develop well-rounded young athletes, TSD's Advanced Tranning Classes are geared to buld our  teenage dancer skills by adding to their foundational structures and to challenge new growth through our multi-level curriculum.


When your child elevates to TSD's comprehensive advanced level of instruction, they will be taught our curriculum, broken down into the top five following key proficiencies:

  1. Multiple techniques and combinations that challenge the dancer

  2. Competition style dance routines and the Elite Level.

  3. TSD's brand of fluidity, intricate combinations and a higher level of concentration

  4. Focus will be placed on developing personal artistry

These proficiencies are are mastered through of all styles of dance -- from classical ballet to some pretty awesome hip hop and everything in between -- which ensures that TSD teen dancers' interests and diverse physical development needs are challenged.  Many of TSD teen dancers participate in our Show Group and Competitive teams -- it's the thrill of victory and the camaraderie that closely woven teams provide that they love the most!

TSD's Advanced Level Dance Curriculum is a commitment. But, it's one that brings awesome -- and very real terms -- life chanling.

Stretch with Strength (8-18 years-offered in summer.)

An important ingredient to physical fitness and mental conditioning is taking great care of a dancer's muscles and structural foundation. We encourage all TSD dancers and gymnasts to take this course at least once to realize the importance of stretching, strengthening key muscles, building arm and leg power and solid core work. 

Combo (3-8 years)

Young TSD Dancers love to learn the most important skills in ballet, tap and jazz. Our instructors go with the student's naturally gifted abilities and help them explore the exciting world of dance. 

Ballet (9-18 years)

Principled techniques and focused mind-body connections are established in TSD's ballet classes in this age group. This substructure the student builds during this time is foundational to their advancing in both intensity and creativity.

Pointe (11-18 years)

TSD's Pointe Program awakens the true artist in the student. Dexterity and physical capacity are paramount at this level to develop deep muscle memory. TSD stresses the student's overall mental focus on their body as they develop themselves using various Isokinetic and Isotonic strength conditioning regimens.  

Hip Hop (5-18 years)

East Coast. West Coast. It's all good at Terry's -- we take the latest techniques to a new level to develop daring and confident dancers. We concentrate on fundamental techniques like Freestylin', Lockin', Poppin', breakin', tuttin' and boogaloo -- often all combined with a hint of jazz, tap and even ballet. Our goal is to get our students in touch with the music they choose and to build on those abilities. 

Contemporary/Lyrical (8-18 years)

TSD Students love to demonstrate their techniques and artistry as they interpret their creativity for all to enjoy. Blending elements of ballet and jazz dance, TSD's contemporary dancers are guided as they acquire strong connections with their emotions.

Jazz (8-18 years)

TSD's Jazz instruction puts the student right into the world of musical theater, Broadway-styled leaps, traditional and modern jazz turns and improvisational jazz all with a big splash of artistry. We teach our jazz dancers how to employ Isolations, creating a low center of gravity and to acquire stylizations like inverted limbs and a hunched-over posture, made famous by Bob Fosse and Jack Cole. We focus our jazz students on foundational jazz techniques and encourage them to move forward to more challenging musical selections and presentations as they grow in aptitude.  

Tap (5-18 years)

TSD's tap instruction builds a foundation of rhythmic sequences, base stepping and proficiency in their basic dance skills -- then, it's on to challenging tap combos and routines. Our tap instructors guide the student through learning the interpretive flow techniques that are so basic to all of jazz and help them hone their control abilities. 

Strength with Gymnastics

Don't forget that TSD's gymnastics training is a great accompaniment to any dance conditioning regimen. In fact, there's no more robust gymnastics programs in the area than TSD's -- especially with all the great equipment and bouncy, pouncy and flippin' fun! 

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