Our Dance Studio

Rules, Suggestions

and Requirements

TSD strives to have the most positive and powerful learning environment possible for all our students and to accommodate their needs however possible. We've set up the following rules so that we may achieve the most superior service to our customers and to do so in a safe, friendly and fun world of TSD dance.

Please be prompt…prepared…practiced.


Rule #1 - Communication

At TSD, we truly believe that communication is at the heart of any relationship -- and we truly want to be supportive and as helpful as we can be. We will keep you current on activities and opportunities by email. If this is not convenient for you, please let us know and we’ll seek alternative methods. Questions or comments for anyone on staff may be sent to terrysdanceandgym703@gmail.com and will be forwarded to the appropriate party. Please do not hesitate to contact us. We want to be certain you are informed and up to date at all times.

General Rules

  1. No food, drink or gum allowed in dance rooms. Water is an exception.

  2. Promptness is very important. Classes start on time.

  3. Leotards and tights are the preferred attire for all dance classes. If you have questions, please ask your child's teacher. 

  4. Hip Hop students are required to wear comfortable clothing. No "jeans" permitted. You cannot stretch in jeans.

  5. Appropriate dance shoes are required for all dance classes.

  6. Students are promoted to higher classes at the teacher's discretion. It is not automatic that your child will be promoted. Please speak with your child's teachers if you have questions about what level they should be in.

  7. No jewelry permitted. String bracelets and stud earrings allowed. Students will be asked to remove large earrings and necklaces.

  8. Dance shoes are not to be worn outside on sidewalks, parking lots, and etc. The oil, grease and dirt destroy the shoes and the dance floor.

  9. Proper shoes for each class are a requirement. We sell many types of shoes at the studio. Please ask in the office and our staff will be happy to do a fitting for your child.

Ballet Rules

  1. Ballet students are required to wear black leotards and pink tights. Male students may wear black t-shirts and black shorts.  

  2. Ballet students are to wear their hair up in a secured bun.

  3. Students are invited to join pointe at the teacher's discretion.

  4. Ballet students must arrive on time for class. The first portion is very important as that is when they get their barre work for class. We don't want any students injured because they are not properly warmed up.


Regular Attendance is important, not only to the progress of your child, but to the entire class. Interest is kept when there is progress and development. Irregular attendance slows both. Please be prompt…prepared…practice. Make-up classes are available with any class of the same level, any time there is an absence or extra help is needed.

Holidays/Snow/Emergency Closings

We follow Fairfax County Public School and After School Emergency Closings. We do not cancel class for every FCPS holiday. Please see the “Calendar of Events” for more information. For questions regarding emergency closing, call TSD at 703-780-7878.  You can also check our status on this site, on Facebook and on Twitter.

Have a question or concern about TSD's rules?  We'd love to hear from you, please use the form below to reach out to us.

Terry's School of Dance & Gymnastics


Email: terrysdanceandgym703@gmail.com