TSD's School Buddies Program -- We bring dance and smiles to area schools.
TSD has a long tradition of giving back to our community -- in fact, over four decades of hundreds of volunteer hours contributed to helping throughout our community and beyond.  We mentor our students to help others by translating goodness through their artistry of dance and their natural abilities - all of us believe that "a smile earned is another heart warmed."
TSD encourages the teamwork of our dance family to volunteer their unique talents, skills, and knowledge to help make our community better. We have very big hearts and have discovered we can be most effective by focusing our efforts on a few areas that interest our students the most. 
Here's the "thinkology" behind how we organize our volunteer efforts:
  • TSD's "We Really Care Project" serves as a vital component of our business infrastructure by serving our neighbors in need.
  • TSD's volunteerism focuses on ______________, ____________ and ____________.
  • TSD is committed to working with our students to mentor them to help others by translating goodness through their artistry of dance and their national abilities. 
  • TSD believe that "A Smile Earned is A _____________________
The "Jack Peyton" Scholastic Public Service Project

To honor the memory of our late co-founder, we created a free service to our students called the Jack Peyton Scholastic Public Service Project -- in recognition of his love for helping children, his passion for giving of himself to others in need and his infectious smile and laugh.

How's the program work?

Students in Fairfax County (and similarly in nearby counties) require their students to accomplish community service hours in order to graduate. To help our students -- or those just seeking a way to fulfill their requirement -- we've created a smart community volunteerism program designed for these students in mind.  

Every year, the whole TSD Team participates in several charitable events and volunteerism programs that are exciting, educational and builds great team spirit. These events typically earn plenty of public service hours to satisfy students scholastic requirements while it instills a sense of community involvement. 

Here's the community service requirement for the Fairfax County Public School System:

  • Grade 6: 5 hours

  • Grade 8: 15 hours

  • Grades 9–12: Students should complete 10 service hours per year for a total of 40 hours.  Students may choose to complete 50+ hours to qualify for the Virginia Board of Education diploma seal for excellence in civics education. See Virginia Department of Education for criteria.

Here's a list of some of the events and projects that TSD has participated in the past as part of the Jack Payton Scholastic Public Service Project: 






If you're a TSD student in search of public service hours or just an individual interested in helping the community, please reach out to the TSD Team and learn more about how together we can be a positive force for community.

Please feel free to reach out to a TSD Team Member for more information about this program by using the following form:

  • Great at Curriculum Development

  • Willing to Give and Get Lots of Love

  • Fabulous Chorographer Skills

  • Great With Kids and Parents

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