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Looking for a great way to introduce your little one to the world of tumbling? Does the coolest mom-approved and kid tested gymnasium full of bouncy-fun equipment sound awesome? TSD's gymnasium is the award-winning and super popular in the South County area -- and is the perfect outlet where your child can get much needed exercise and blow off some of that after-school steam!

TSD's Gymnastics Program, (ehem, award-winning) is the perfect and safe place to provide your child with structure and exercise while availing them to new friendships and experiences.  Our program also affords parents the right amountof time to run errands or to quietly sip a latte with a good book!

TSD's Gymnastics Program is Alexandria's inventive approach specifically designed to build on your child's abilities as they grow in strength and confidence.  Our accomplished instructors have created a multi-step curriculum to advance your tiny tumbler from beginner in TSD's Junior Gym Program on up the skills latter to our Level 4 Program. Unlike many gymnasium programs, TSD's approach constantly calibrates the age of the student with their skills levels to bring them along in their tumbling journey.  That means sometimes your budding gymnast will have the flexibility (pun intended!) to advance beyond their age and/or skill sets, thusly enabling them to advance at their own pace.

At the head of our gymnasitcs program is TSD's very own alumna Linda Fisher -- accomplished as a high school  and collegiate gymnast, Linda is the head gymnasitics coach for the regional and state award winning champion Mount Vernon High School Majors.  Linda loves and lives gymnastics so much that she has filled her backyard with crazy-awesome trampoline fun that would make Gabby Douglas envious.

Offering a variety of classes for toddlers through 18 year olds, TSD focuses on improving your childs:

Flexibility, Coordination, Strength, Agility,Grace, Endurance, and Gymnastic Skills.


Here's TSD's creative approach to your child's gymnastics instruction:

Jr. Gym Program - Recommended forAges 3 to 6

This class is designed to develop your tiny tumbler's motor skills and practice social interactions. Instructors focus on introductory gymnastics skills, incorporating balance, coordination, and flexibility. 

Level 1

This is an introductory class. The class will familiarize students with gymnastics equipment as well as basic gymnastics skills. Skills include backward and foward rolls, cartwheels, round offs and handstands on the floor.

Level 2 

This is a continuation of our Level 1 class. Students will master basic gymnastics skills and acquire new skills such backbend to bridge, bridge kickover, front handspring, handstand foward roll.

Level 3 

Students will master skills learned in Level 1 and Level 2 while learning more advanced skills. An emphasis will be placed on skill connection and technique. Skills include round off back handsprings, aerials, on the floor.

Level 4 

This class continues to work on advanced gymnastics skills including hurdle to front handspring on the vault, glide kip, cartwheel and roundoff dismount on beam, front walkover, and roundoff back handspring, standing back tuck.

Cheer Program

We are now offer tumbling classes for cheer teams. For more information please call or email.

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