TSD's Competitive

      Show Group Team...

                   Seriously Serious

"Bring in the Light, TSD!", is proudly shouted in unison by TSD's students, parents and friends alike whenever TSD's Competitive Show Group Team takes the stage.  Everyone feels the power of the moment -- and nobody is left disappointed -- especially parents and judges. It's a real time when your dancer can feel the excitment under the spotlight and the roar of an exuberant audience.  It's also lifelong memories in the making along with some bling to adorn their homestead mantel. TSD's Competitive Dancers continuously take home national championships in group and individual performances, Elite Platinum in all age divisions and are frequently mentioned in judges select awards. We invite you stop by and take a gander at the multitude of trophies, national championship banners, honorary mention plaques and even bunches of stunning ribbons that adorn the TSD studios. We consider each and every one as evidence enough that your child will receive superb dance instruction every minute they are with us.

TSD's National Competition Dance Team has evolved over the years as an intelligent, physical, dedicated and friendly group of passionate dancers. And, oh yes, they are competitive.


Because TSD has been in the leading dance studio in the South Alexandria area, generations of students have passed on their expertise to build a formidable team that focuses on their craft, trains hard and consistently brings home the bling -- with a lifetime of memories, too.

  • Here's what your dancer can expect as part of the TSD Show Group Team:

  • Fast-passed fun and excitement of Elite Level performances and competition

  • Team effort dynamics that builds confidence and friendships

  • Advanced choreography, complex movements and rhythm structures. 

  • Tight moves, massive combos and creative fun

TSD's competition training policy is to focus on our student's training and not the awards. We see competition as an additional opportunity to perform, to learn and to mature as part of a team member.


Because our Show Group curriculum is performance based, students are challenged by rigorous -- and satisfying -- instruction offered by TSD's accomplished instructors -- and backed by dedicated families and friends. It's part of the thrill of the victory and resonates with famed ballerina Misty Copland's words, "Be strong, be fearless, be beautiful. And believe that anything is possible when you have the right people there to support you."

TSD's Show Group instruction offers a wide variety of genres for your dancer to pursue, and gives them the liberty to focus on just a few or a variety of styles. Here's a great little cross reference chart to help your dancer visualize their possibilities on the dance floor:




Please use the form below to reach out to our staff should you have question about TSD's Competitive Show Group Team or to sign your dancer up today!

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