Mini Dancers

We adore our Mini Dancers!  TSD's Minis Program is designed to harness the energy and spirit of your child.  Whether you're a new parent or a seasoned veteran, we encourage you to visit the TSD Studios and see first-hand the inspiring family environment that thousands of parents have chosen for their beginner dancers  for over four decades. 


We're confident you'll be impressed how our instructors provide individualized attention to our students, the challenging and positive learning enviornment and the fun that is the trademark of the TSD reputation. In fact, the skills we teach at this age even support academic improvement by promoting higher thinking abilities, spatial intelligence, concentration, and creative thinking. 


At TSD, we recognize that new experiences can be a bit daunting to young minds and that's why we purposely employ select TSD advanced studies students with an interest in elementary education instruction to assist in our Tiny Tots classes. This helps your little ones feel comfortable and they love to "hang out with the big kids." All of these specialized classes enhance students’ self esteem by providing an opportunity for accomplishment in an artistic, fun, and a bit of healthy competitive excitement.

Preschool I (Age: 2 1/2 - 3) and Preschool II (Age: 3 - 4)

These fun-filled classes will introduce your little dancer to the basics of Ballet and Jazz. Ballet provides the perfect foundation for all dance styles a dancer may be interested in as they mature. The Jazz portion of the class continues to develop rhythm and coordination. Preschool students participate in the annual end-of-school year recital.

Combo: Ballet/Tap I or II (Age: 4 - 6) and Combo III: Ballet/Jazz/Tap (Age: 6 - 7) 

These fun-filled combo classes will introduce your little dancer to the basics of Ballet and Jazz or Tap (depending on the Combo class selected). Combo classes are appropriate for newcomers and for children with experience in preschool dance. The age guidelines for the Combo classes are as follows:

• Combo I (Age 4 - 5): Preschool/Pre-K 
• Combo I (Age 4 - 5): Kindergarten
• Combo II (Age 5 - 6): Kindergarten
• Combo III (Age 6 - 7): 1st Grade 

Tumbling I or II (Age: 3 - 7)
Tumbling offers young children an introduction to the fundamentals of acrobatics, including rolls, cartwheels and bridges, which will provide them with the building blocks necessary for their potential development in dance, cheerleading, gymnastics and overall fitness. By learning the benefits of flexibility, balance, strength, and body control, inherent in all aspects of tumbling, your child will be better equipped to safely enjoy and excel in all of his or her future athletic endeavors. The confidence and sense of accomplishment your child will gain from learning new skills will show, and will stay with them forever. 

Beginner Classes (Age: 6 & Up)
Beginner Classes (for Ages 6 and up) are available in Ballet, Tap, Acro, Jazz, Lyrical and Hip Hop. These classes require no previous experience in dance and begin with the fundamentals and progress at an age appropriate pace. 

Stretch with Strength (8-18 years-offered in summer.)

An important ingredient to physical fitness and mental conditioning is taking great care of a dancer's muscles and structural foundation. We encourage all TSD dancers and gymnasts to take this course at least once to realize the importance of stretching, strengthening key muscles, building arm and leg power and solid core work. 

Combo (3-8 years)

Young TSD Dancers love to learn the most important skills in ballet, tap and jazz. Our instructors go with the student's naturally gifted abilities and help them explore the exciting world of dance.  

Hip Hop (5-18 years)

East Coast. West Coast. It's all good at Terry's -- we take the latest techniques to a new level to develop daring and confident dancers. We concentrate on fundamental techniques like Freestylin', Lockin', Poppin', breakin', tuttin' and boogaloo -- often all combined with a hint of jazz, tap and even ballet. Our goal is to get our students in touch with the music they choose and to build on those abilities. 

Tap (5-18 years)

TSD's tap instruction builds a foundation of rhythmic sequences, base stepping and proficiency in their basic dance skills -- then, it's on to challenging tap combos and routines. Our tap instructors guide the student through learning the interpretive flow techniques that are so basic to all of jazz and help them hone their control abilities. 

Strength with Gymnastics

Don't forget that TSD's gymnastics training is a great accompaniment to any dance conditioning regimen. In fact, there's no more robust gymnastics programs in the area than TSD's -- especially with all the great equipment and bouncy, pouncy and flippin' fun! 

Have a mighty mini ready to hit the dance floor? Use the following form to reach out to the TSD staff and let us know!

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